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Idaho Falls


Short Term Rental FAQs for Idaho Falls, Idaho.

How restricted are short term rentals in Idaho Falls?

Medium Restrictions

Does Idaho Falls,Idaho have any regulations for short term rentals?

Not currently zoned for fewer than 30 day rentals. Currently being evaluated

Does Airbnb automatically remit taxes for short term rentals in Idaho Falls?

Currently, Airbnb is collecting and remitting taxes on behalf of the host.

What are the city taxes for Idaho Falls

No current city level tax information.

Idaho State FAQs

Is Idaho a judicial or non-judicial state?


In a non-judicial foreclosure state, the lender does not need to go through the court system in order to foreclose on a property. This process can be quicker and less expensive for the lender compared to a judicial foreclosure.

As a real estate investor, it is important to understand the differences between judicial and non-judicial states because it can affect the amount of time and money it takes to foreclose on a property. It can also impact the availability of properties that are being foreclosed on and the process of purchasing those properties.

What is the process of closing on a property in Idaho?

Closings are handled through escrow. Conveyance is by warranty deed or corporate deed, though often there are contracts of sale involved. Either mortgages or deeds of trust may be the security instruments. Deeds of trust which include power of sale provisions are restricted to properties in incorporated areas and properties elsewhere which don’t exceed 20 acres. After the notice of default has been recorded, deed-of-trust foreclosures take at least 120 days, and there’s no redemption period. Judicial foreclosures for mortgages take about a year, depending upon court availability, and there’s a 6-12 month redemption period after that, depending on the type of property involved. Idahoans use ALTA policies and various endorsements. Buyers and sellers split escrow costs in general and negotiate who’s going to pay the title insurance premiums. There are no documentary taxes, mortgage taxes, or transfer taxes, but there are property taxes, and they’re due annually in November and delinquent on December 20th or semiannually on December 20th and June 20th. Idaho is a community-property state.

Property Taxes in Idaho?

Due annually in Nove mber and semiannually on December 20th and June 20th

In Idaho, does a property management company require a real estate broker's license?

No. A real estate broker's license is has not been required to manage rental property in Idaho since 1981, when In 1981 the Idaho legislature could not come to an agreement on which real estate activities should be regulated. However, if a lease or offer to lease includes options to sell, or other language regarding the sale of the property, that would be considered a covered activity requiring a real estate broker's license.

Are there any exceptions to the requirement that a property manager have a broker's license in Idaho?

Do you need a broker's license to manage community associations in Idaho?

NO. A broker's license is not required to manage community associations or condo associations in Idaho.

Real Estate Broker Requirements

Real Estate Salesperson Requirements

How do property ownership transfers work in ?

Warranty deed or corporate deed, though often there are contracts of sale involved.

Sustainability Resources

The Real Estate industry is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world accounting for:
of total carbon dioxide
of all energy
of all raw materials
Our goal is to give you the resources you need to take sustainable action in improving, building, retrofitting and revamping your home. The impacts are real, the benefits significant, and the need critical. Join us in bringing sustainability home and creating a brighter future for all, starting with you.

Save money and do the world a favor!
Here's a list of Sustainability Initiatives in the area:

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